30 years experience with shellfish from the North Atlantic

Despite having only very few employees, Wecofish a/s is a global company with annual sales running into well over a hundred million Danish kroner. Wecofish a/s, founded by Henning Wegeberg in 1994, buys and sells shellfish caught in the North Atlantic off the coasts of Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Wecofish a/s owes its present solid and important position to Henning Wegebergs 30 years of trading shellfish worldwide.

Through countless visits to North Atlantic trawlers, shrimp factories and landing places, Wecofish a/s has been able to build up a valuable network as well as a detailed knowledge of the business to ensure that the company will always be able to make on-time deliveries of quality products at competitive prices.

Wecofish a/s has annual sales of about 4,000 tonnes of shellfish, of which the bulk consists of cooked and peeled prawns and shell-on prawns of the species Pandalus Borealis. Approximately half the sales are for the home market, primarily industrial customers. The other half goes to the export markets, of which the UK and the rest of Scandinavia are among the most important.

To ensure high and reliable quality, trawlers and shrimp factories still receive frequent visits. Henning Wegeberg personally participates in the quality control together with laboratory assistants from Claus Sørensen, to where the shrimps are transported via the port of Århus and subsequently packed, often in customers´ own brand 

Wecofish a/s has a thorough knowledge of both markets and products, which ensures high quality at reasonable prices. The company's size and considerable flexibility also contribute to explaining the success of Wecofish a/s.





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